Unleashed in St. Louis – Dog Parks in St. Louis, MO

St Louis Dogs Parks a comprehensive List

Just my 2 cents - Carolyn Mantia



St. Louis is a pretty Dog Friendly City and as a Pet Owner myself I was finding it hard to find a comprehensive list of local Dog Parks to bring my “Girls” to.  So here is a comprehensive list of St. Louis Dog Parks, on the bottom are even a couple of free ones I found.  These are all “Off-Leash” Parks.  If I have missed any or if I need to add something important PLEASE comment and let me know.

Happy Dog Parking!

dp maplewood

Maplewood Dog Park 

2531 Circle Dr, Maplewood, MO ‎(314) 645-3600  · 


dp soulard

Frenchtown in Soulard Dog Park

Interstate 44, St Louis, MO ‎ (314) 283-8513  · 


Shaw Neighborhood Dog Park dp shaw

4101 Cleveland Ave, St Louis, MO ‎ (314) 771-3101  · 


dp treecourtTreecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park

2499 Marshall Rd, St Louis, MO ‎(314) 960-4741  · 


dp ucity

University City Dog Park 

6860 Vernon Ave, University City, MO ‎(314) 505-8560  · 


dp lucas parkLucas Park Dog Park 


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